So here I am again working on a new business. How did this happen? I thought I needed a break for a while, I wanted to take my time and I kind of did if 1 month break is long enough…

“Keep starting companies and you’ll never live another boring day in your life.” Neil Patel

I guess this quote summarise it all. I love making things happen, there are so many things I would like to do but most of all I feel I would like to give back. I have received loads of help and support for my business and I believe it’s important to get involved on the other side now that I know how it feel to start a business.

This website is just the beginning of a bigger project I’m working on, the Institute of Business Design that I dream to open in Sardinia, my home town. I can’t wait to tell you more but I need to make this product work first so check this space!