Brainstorming is a really powerful way of generating ideas. It is based on discussing problems with a group of people in order to find possible solutions.
Everyone opinion is important in a brainstorming.
Brainstorming are usually more successful when participants come from different background and can bring different points of view to the table.

It could be useful for the facilitator to structure a brainstorming in order to help the development of ideas.

In a brainstorming participants are required to say everything that come to their mind, even if they may feel it’s not relevant, because anything can trigger a new idea.

To do brainstorming it is usually really useful to have a shared space where to post ideas, for example a white board, a big piece of paper, an online collaboration space, a wall and post-its.

Brainstorming with people from the same background may be valuable to solve specific problems for that audience.


:: post-its
:: colour pens and paper
:: white walls, white board, paper (brownpaper roll works really well too)
:: online collaboration platforms (google docs,