Moodboard (sometimes called inspiration boards) are collages made of images, textures, fabric and text used by designers to communicate moods, ideas and feelings visually.

Aa a picture is worth a thousand words, mood boards allows to convey complex ideas and large amounts of data quickly.

Moodboards can be used to explore a concept, a product vision, a design style, a color palette, a phoyography style, the look & feel of a project or any other element of the project that is difficult to communicate with words.

Creating a Moodboard could be quite time consuming as each image should be selected carefully to convey the desired feel, but the value is incredibly high as it help aligning a team to a vision.


Moodboards can be created in a physical or digital form. There are many tools available online that can help creating mood boards. You can find a detailed collection in this article:

Case Study

This example shows a Moodboard created for the Jazzy Jones game developed by Gamar Ltd. It helped define the visual style for the game in order to make sure everyone in the team was alligned with the design direction. The Moodboard also helped develop the main interaction element of the mobile game (FRED – Funky Readable Entertainment Device).

Jazzy Jones final characters by Damian Harmata
Interaction element FRED (The inspector gadget tool)