Now and New Now is a simplified version of the Blueprint Modelling  exercise and guide to develop a Business Plan. The main difference between this 2 approaches is that Now and New Now use the entrepreneur skills as a starting point. The entrepreneur still doesn’t know what his business is going to be, but tries to envision his future and the steps he need to take to achieve it. It is more a learning exercise than a planning tool (as the Blueprint modelling is).

This exercise allows entrepreneurs to think about what they are good at, what skills they think are necessary to be successful in the future and which steps they need to take to achieve their goals.

The exercise can be done individually or in group. Working in group though is quite successful as other people may think of ways to achieve goals that the entrepreneur alone couldn’t have thought about as other people will have different experiences and perspectives on the actions to take.


Template created by Giulia Piu to help entrepreneurs design a 5 years plan, roadmap for their personal development and success.