Turning your idea into a business

25 July 2024 @ 19:00

This workshop is about:

  • What separates an idea from a real business
  • Tools that you can use to transform an idea into a business plan
  • Techniques to keep up your momentum when you are starting to work on a business idea
  • How to connect with communities of entrepreneurs
  • Different routes to launch you startup MVP

You’ll also learn:

  • What is the Business Model Canvas?
  • What is a Persona Canvas?
  • What is a business model, and how is it different from a business plan?
  • The top reason for startup failure, and how to avoid it.

Join us to understand the process of transforming an idea into a product or service your customers will love.

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More about Chris Verbick

Chris Verbick is an entrepreneur and design thinker with a passion for human-centered technology. His professional background has been in graphic design, illustration, printmaking, and branding. Over the last 10 years, Chris has expanded his work to include business strategy, product design, and engineering.

Chris has founded and bootstrapped 3 startups which has led him to work with the likes of Intel, Investec, Infosys, Fujitsu, Tata Consulting Group, the City of Paris, and a host of SMEs and startups. Chris uses the creative power of design to help companies find new avenues for growth by enhancing their brand and their product with collaborative development tools.

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